Creating Connections at Akiki Wellbeing


Our souls crave the nurturing of the deep connection of our inner wild woman.  Circles (gatherings) allow our own authentic selves to blossom when we know others are compassionately listening to our words.

They are a wonderful way to create a unique event such as an unconventional milestone birthday party, a fun night with the girls or how about an unusual Hen Party game idea.  They can take place seven days a week, daytime or evenings.

Imagine having TWO WHOLE HOURS of being nourished and respected.  Your body and soul are by design aligned to the cycles of the moon and the earth, it’s just that you may not yet have tapped into your magic.  Ladies empower yourselves by sharing wisdoms between your friends, receive hugs, love and laughter in a safe, totally confidential space where we experience a sense of kinship and heart expansion.

In these circles we incorporate simple heart-based ceremonies and activities that are tailored to suit your ladies get-together.  It may be origami, a meditation, a drum journey or fun to bring out the inner child or perhaps you have a suggestion to better suit your reason for gathering.

We light candles, we think about our connection to the energies of nature, the moon and the planets .  We use a Talking Bowl to speak and listen to the wisdoms that are shared while we are gathered.   This is not a time for giving advice or pouring out our shit, but a time to simply listen with the ears of our hearts to others speak, often receiving our own aha moments.

All women leave these unique themed parties with a sense of warmth, confidence and empowerment, a lighter heart and a stronger connection to her Tribe.

Investment:  $30  (2 hrs)

Minimum of 6 Goddesses (18+)

Contact Me to chat about the kind of circle you would like for some fun with your girlfriends.  I also invite you to become an interactive member of my  Akiki Wellbeing Facebook and Instagram pages.

I love how in circle there may be women of different ages and backgrounds but somehow every single one of them gives me something to think about and take with me and I connect with each one differently and that’s the best part, we CONNECT, we all have that same goddess in each of us that all connect no matter who or where we come from.

I always leave with a sense of warmth, happiness and a sense of one with Mother Earth and every amazing woman on it.  Blessed be.

Jayde Jardine