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Hosting your very own circle removes any anxiety you may have about attending something new in an unknown venue with women you’ve never met, which enables you to relax and have heaps of fun. 

Imagine for a moment how good it would feel to have time for YOU, to BE you.  All you need is an area of your home, inside or out, which fits 6+ women around a central focus point and I’ll do the rest.

I provide a structure to your get-together, however there is no right/wrong, good/bad in circle, everything is just perfect however it flows.  I explain everything as we go along making it really easy for you to enjoy yourselves.  You could think of me as the MC of your event.

Ask your tribe to arrive during the hour before our circle starts so that you can have a catch up over a cuppa and some nibblies or why not some bubbles, before we settle.

As we then move into circle, to help you ground, centre and float away any remaining busy-ness I gently waft sage smoke around each of you so you can relax, be in the present moment and enjoy this wonderful experience that your soul will soon thank you for.

It’s very important to me that you all feel special so we use positive, intentional wording, we light tea candles, we laugh, we may cry, we enjoy activities, drink tea or delve deeper into the women’s mysteries, the choice is yours.

At the beginning and end of all circles we spend time taking turns holding a Talking Basket full of useful goodies.  It’s a brilliant tool to remind the other women in the circle to respectfully listen to her friends until she is holding the basket and it is her turn to speak.  This is when you truly honour each other without judgement and the moments when you will find you feel the strongest heart connections.

A comfortable space for women of all ages to share and explore experiences, feelings or fears in a neutral and natural healing environment.

Tina intuitively provides the ‘signposts’ that assist women to find a positive healing for a better pathway forward … and all with a sense of good humour, fun and ease.

Nerida Mary Murphy

All my circles are wrapped in this same simple non-denominational ceremony which in itself creates familiarity and security.

I encourage you to browse the choices below for more specific information, then let’s talk about which circle suits your and your girlfriends best to create your own unique event. 

On a slightly more serious side, perhaps you’ve been feeling a sense of loss, of unfulfilment, a longing for authenticity.

You may be feeling that there’s more to life, that no-one ever listens to you or you may already be experiencing burn out from trying to be Superwoman with the daily demands dictated by society to be the perfect mother, model wife and career woman.

You may not have identified it as a craving to connect to other women, but there is a deep instinctual desire in the collective consciousness for women to gather.  It’s the element that’s missing as we no longer have cultures of true community living where ancient wisdoms that supported us were passed down through the generations.

Major life events such as the often bewildering commencement of menstruation, pregnancy, motherhood and menopause can create huge stresses and may contribute to a higher risk of mental health symptoms. 

Are you or your daughter experiencing anxiety or depression?  The Reclaiming Circle or the Becoming a Woman Pre-Menarche Workshop would be a great place to start, depending on the age of your Maiden.

Gathering with women is thankfully being revived as this is ancient medicine that has been largely lost in our modern society of independent living and without doubt increases women’s health and wellbeing.

My events for women are gatherings to support you at an essentially deeper level, ensuring you leave these holistic healing circles with a sense of warmth, confidence, love and a stronger friendship bond.

I would like to invite you to visit my Instagram and Akiki Wellbeing Facebook pages as this is where I enjoy interacting with my Goddesses every day.

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