Major life events such as the often bewildering commencement of menstruation, pregnancy, motherhood and menopause can create huge stresses and may contribute to a higher risk of anxiety and depression.

My events for women are gatherings to welcome and honour women, helping them feel connected, nourished and supported at an essentially deeper level thereby reducing these risks.  Gift yourself this time.

Have you been feeling a sense of loss, of unfulfilment?

You may be feeling that there’s more to life, that no-one ever listens to you or possibly feeling burnt out from being Superwoman.

You may not have identified it as a craving to connect to other women, but there is a deep instinctual desire in the collective consciousness for women to gather.  It’s the element that’s missing as we no longer have cultures of true community living, where ancient wisdoms that support us were passed down through the generations.

Click THIS LINK to read a fantastic article that explains in much more detail why it’s so important for the wellbeing of women to connect to a tribe.

Scared you might feel a fool, inadequate or judged by others?
My circles are a non-judgemental, nurturing container of happiness where you will be respected, honoured and valued as YOU.  They offer an opportunity for you to be the true expression of YOU.  
It is an extremely safe space and entirely up to each individual how much they choose to share or not.  
There is no right/wrong, good/bad in circle, everything is just perfect however it flows.  
Please do join us, I promise you will be welcomed from the moment you arrive and you probably won’t want to leave.

A comfortable space for women of all ages to share and explore experiences, feelings or fears in a neutral and natural healing environment.

Tina intuitively provides the ‘signposts’ that assist women to find a positive healing for a better pathway forward … and all with a sense of good humour, fun and ease.

Nerida Mary Murphy

Contact Tina to find out when she is next facilitating these workshops or to organise your own private circle with friends.  You can also check the Akiki Wellbeing Facebook page.

What a wonderful Women’s Circle.

I felt welcomed, nourished, warmed through sharing with respect and the honouring of each woman present… thank you xx

Helen May

I can highly recommend reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant if you would like to have a deeper understanding of the traditions and turmoils of ancient womanhood, when women of a community would sit in circle each month at the time of menstruation and receive insights and make plans for their community.  The story of Dinah reaches out from a remarkable period of early history and creates an intimate connection with the past. It has sold over 3.3 million copies.

This is a novel although to me it felt so true.  Enjoy