Tea Leaf Reading Circles

Do you fancy doing something a little bit different?  Have you ever read your own tea leaves?

Learn how with lots of fun and laughter along the way as you help each other interpret the images you see in your cups.

NOT A TEA DRINKER – that’s ok, you don’t have to drink the tea to read your leaves.

Bring your favourite tea cup and saucer or have an exciting trip around the Op shops where you’ll find some beautiful cups at dirt cheap prices.  Be warned, this can become addictive!

While you’re drinking your tea and chatting you may like to draw Oracle cards or tell stories about your Great Aunt Rosie who had “The Gift” haha.  Next I will teach you how to prepare the loose leaves left in your cup and how to read the images you see.  This all gets very exciting with everyone helping each other and sharing their ideas on what the symbols represent. 

Make sure you bring a notepad and pen so you can go home with your own insightful reading and of course you can take photos too.

This is the perfect solution for an alternative Hen’s Party ensuring lots of laughs, creating memories and future conversations.

Duration:  2 hours

Investment:  $210  ($35 each – Host spot gifted)

Circle size:  6 Goddesses (18+)

Want to Host a Circle?