Creating Connections at Akiki Wellbeing


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup”?  This means that by nurturing one’s Self we are better able to support our loved ones.

Now picture this for a moment … three hours surrounded by your tribe of open-hearted women who have also come to hold space for each other without judgement, to energetically and literally fill their cups and simply be whilst enjoying conscious conversation within the security of your home.

These divine gatherings are wrapped in beautiful ceremony and ritual which you will be completely guided through.  

To set the mood of a Sacred Space and calm and centre everyone after their day, you will be smudged with the smoke of dried sage as you enter.  This is a beautiful way to begin our time together.

After calling in the Directions and the Elements we will call ourselves to be present while lighting our candles, connecting also to our Red Thread, our Maternal blood line and bringing in any guides, angels and ancestors to support our gathering.

Next we go around the circle of women adding pinches of divine tea into the brew with meaning and intention, after which we pour our neighbour her cup of tea with honour, reverence and our blessings.

Once each Goddess has her beautiful brew we enjoy time connecting as a group, constructively guided by Tina if necessary.

Gathering with women is thankfully being revived as this is ancient medicine that had been largely lost in our modern society of independent living.

Goddesses, why not host this most beautiful circle and create a brew with the blessings  of your wonderful friendships to share with everyone present.  This circle has even been used by a women’s organisation to celebrate their first ever five year governmental funding.

Duration:  3 hours

Investment:  $50

Minimum of 6 Goddesses (18+)

You will love it!!

It’s the most amazing experience! Danielle Spalding

Salty Kisses on Channon, Gympie

Contact Tina to organise your own Tea Ceremony with friends for your special event, perhaps an alternative Hen Party at your home or a milestone birthday.  

I also invite you to become an active participant on my Instagram and Akiki Wellbeing Facebook pages.