Reclaiming Circle

Are you feeling unfulfilled, a sense of loss or a longing for something but you haven’t figured out what it is yet?  You may be fed up with feeling like you have no support, no purpose other than wife, busy mother, slave to the system and possibly even scared that you are experiencing anxiety or even depression?  

Either way this could be your soul craving that deeper connection to your ancient feminine wisdoms, your Inner Goddess, the expression of your Wild Woman as I like to call her.  It’s critical that she be honoured and that you as a sacred woman of the earth, activate your magic. 

Perhaps you’re looking for an idea for hosting an event with a difference for your girlfriends, a more meaningful grown up party idea for women or alternative Hen Party idea, then this is the circle for you.

These powerful workshops take you much deeper and help women of all ages understand how to connect to her cycle – yes even if she no longer bleeds – and become her empowered, authentic Goddess Self.  They fill a longing for authenticity, for sisterhood and a reclaiming of your spiritual power, your intuition, and an opportunity for transmutation, renewal and letting go.  They are of particular benefit to any woman who has been disconnected from her feminine physically, emotionally or spiritually.

After calling in the Directions and the Elements we will call ourselves to be present while lighting our candles, connecting also to our Red Thread, our Maternal blood line and bringing in any guides, ancestors, angels to support our gathering.

You will learn about the cycles within the cycles, be empowered to consciously embrace your day, month, year, to align your life making it more productive and you will leave knowing how you can actually effect how your journey plays out.

This Reclaiming Circle includes a Shamanic Drum Journey meditation to visit The Grandmothers where you may receive a message to help you continue on your path which is absolutely full of all possibilities and potentials should you choose to open up to them.

Awaken and enhance your feminine gifts by coming together for this circle and let’s create magic!

Thank you Tina wholeheartedly… for providing the lovely safe space and stories.

I really enjoyed this Reclaiming Circle because it allows each of us to go into our own personal experiences and to also learn and relate to other Women’s experiences along the way…I always feel all the more better after attending your gatherings.

Crissy Lally

Lee had experienced a three week cycle ever since beginning her periods, yet after this workshop her body naturally shifted to a 28 day cycle – that’s literally life-changing.

According to Cherie (68yrs) “you’re never too old to embrace your Divine Feminine in this workshop that gives you a wider knowledge of the rhythm of the cycles within the cycles, of life, the moon and the earth.”  At the end of the workshop Cherie shared that she had been feeling as though she was on the downward slope of life yet went away in such a positive mindset of having so much more time to live and give and has been spending the years since the workshop travelling extensively around the world and living life absolutely to the full.

Potentially this circle gives your Soul a chance to work on your stuff, to peel off some layers specifically around your experience of your Menarche, your first bleed and the Red Tent support you did or didn’t receive.  This can be a catalyst for a deep healing experience of the Mother wound, your Red Thread, benefiting the generations after you, where you may learn more about what it means to be a woman in 4 hours than you have up to this point in your life. 

Duration:  4 hours

Investment:  $75 (Host Special $35)

Circle Size:  4 – 8 Goddesses (18+)

The Reclaiming Circle Wheel

Want to Host a Circle?

I can highly recommend reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant if you would like to have a deeper understanding of the traditions and turmoils of ancient womanhood, when women of a community would sit in circle each month at the time of menstruation and receive insights and make plans for their community. The story of Dinah reaches out from a remarkable period of early history and creates an intimate connection with the past. It has sold over 3.3 million copies.

This is a novel although to me it felt so true.  Enjoy


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