Becoming a Woman

Pre-Menarche Workshop

Is your daughter growing up fast?  Gift your young Goddess empowering feminine wisdoms to flow through puberty and her Menarche (first bleed) with confidence and grace, celebrating her womanhood Rite of Passage by teaching her to honour and respect Self.

At a time when young girls are heading towards potentially unsettling changes physically there are often also traumatic emotional friendship issues.  Help your maiden bond more strongly with her girlfriends and their mothers – who often also play a strong supporting role with your daughter – by sharing this empowering experience.

The BAW package consists of 2 workshops, the first for Mothers only, then a second workshop for both Mothers and Maidens usually a week later.

The first workshop (essentially the Reclaiming Circle) gives the Mothers an opportunity to heal their own possible wounded feminine due to their early menstruation / birth / birthing experiences with this Shamanic Red Tent medicine, enabling them to more fully embrace their sacred feminine, their Divine Inner Goddess and to gain a wider understanding of the teachings to be shared with their beautiful Maidens.

In the second workshop Mothers and daughters share this extremely special time together as I facilitate an interactive experience explaining the cycles within the cycles of life, the moon’s influence and the rhythm of the earth seasons empowering both Mothers and Maidens to utilise this knowledge to create a more enriched, consciously guided life.

Included in these sacred circles is a Shamanic Drum Journey relaxation and I read a story by my teacher Jane Hardwicke-Collings during which time you snuggle with your daughter.  There is also a gift pack for each Maiden. 

To be in sacred circle with my daughter’s head resting on my lap was a perfect moment for me. I feel so appreciative to you Tina for facilitating this sacred work with such grace and ease so that an important phase of my daughter’s life is now demystified and in such a safe and nurturing environment.  Blessed Be.

Rachelle Rose

Editor, Cooloola Bay Bulletin

According to Beyondblue Support Services “major life events can create major stresses for some women and may contribute to a higher risk of depression” and the often bewildering commencement of menstruation for our precious girls is potentially one of these events. 

Duration:  1 x 3.5hr + 1 x 4.5hr workshops

Package Investment:  $225 – for both Mother & Maiden (ages 9+) (Host & Maiden Special $190)

Circle Size:  3 Mothers & 3 Maidens (please note that Grandmothers are most welcome to bring their Granddaughters)

The Reclaiming Workshop is also available as a standalone workshop for women who wish to connect to their Inner Goddess and understand the potency of who you truly Be.

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