Creating Connections at Akiki Wellbeing


Are you looking for something different to have a reason to gather with the girls or do you have a unique special event to organise such as milestone birthday celebration, an unconventional Hen Party idea or an alternative baby shower?  Perhaps you feel scared you’re heading for burn out or maybe you feel a yearning for something but can’t figure out what it is?  Listen … this is your wild woman calling you.

My sacred circles enhance a woman’s connection to her Divine Inner Goddess.  They are designed to be fun yet structured gatherings for women to enjoy quality time with her special girlfriends whilst increasing her knowledge and understanding of how to embrace being a woman and consciously create a life of her choosing.

Hi, my name is Tina and I bring circle to you, to the comfort of your own home or other venue of your choice.

Think of my circles as nurturing containers of happiness where you can let your hair down, step off the wheel, regain some sanity, where you can express your authentic Self for a few hours of enjoyment surrounded by your supportive Tribe.  You could say my gatherings are like grown up party ideas for women in a world where it sometimes feels hard to be anything other than mum, wife, slave to the system. 

My Wisdom Circles can have the activity tailored to your occasion creating a great fun girls day / night out or an inexpensive party idea to make someone’s birthday special.

Women adore the Tea Ceremonies as they’re a beautiful opportunity for conscious conversation and to literally fill your cup which then overflows to your loved ones.

If you’re looking for deeper, more meaningful wholistic Shamanic medicine wisdoms on how to embrace the cycles of life, then how about a Reclaiming Workshop for your Tribe of Goddesses.

If you have a daughter between the approximate ages of 9 and 13 perhaps you would both enjoy sharing the empowering experience of a Becoming a Woman Pre-Menarch Workshop.

All these divine circles are wrapped in simple ceremony and reverence which you will be completely guided through.  Remember you will be surrounded and energetically “held” by the special girlfriends in your life in the security of your own environment.  They are nature-based, non-denominational Shamanic workshops, get-togethers for women who are looking to step consciously into their potency.  

Perhaps you are an organisation here on the Sunshine Coast, Qld looking for a workshop to empower the teenage girls and women you support.  Get in touch, these circles are life-changing.

Gift yourself this Me Time and drop into your personal sacred space.  Gather the girls and be nourished, respected, honoured and valued as YOU.  Embrace an opportunity to be the true expression of you whilst creating a stronger connection to who you TRULY Be. 

All circles are available seven days/evenings a week.  

For more info I’d love you to call me on 0406 118 233 or if it’s outside business hours you can also CLICK HERE or 

What a wonderful Women’s Circle.

I felt welcomed, nourished, warmed through sharing with respect and the honouring of each woman present… thank you xx

Helen May