Creating Connections at Akiki Wellbeing

Welcome Goddess

Do you feel like you’re searching for something, but can’t figure out what it is?  It’s your wild woman calling you.  Are you scared you’re heading for burn out because you have no time for yourself or are you simply looking for something different to have a reason to gather with your girlfriends?

Think of my women’s circles as sacred containers of happiness where you can step off the wheel, regain some sanity, be valued, honoured and heard, where you can express your authentic Self for a few hours of fun in the company of your supportive Tribe.  You could say my nurturing gatherings are like grown up party ideas for women in a world where it sometimes feels hard to be a woman, anything other than mum, wife, slave to the system. 

They are nature-based, non-denominational Shamanic workshops, get-togethers for women who are looking to step consciously into their potency, searching for deeper wisdoms on how to embrace the cycles of life, for women who have disconnected from their feminine line, their Red Thread, plus powerful workshops for mothers and pre-pubescent daughters to share.

Then there are times when you’re searching for something for a unique special event such as milestone birthday celebration, an unconventional Hen Party idea you can have at home or in your local function room, an alternative baby shower, Blessing Way or simply a fun thing to do with the special women in your world.

Perhaps you are an organisation here on the Sunshine Coast, Qld looking for a workshop to empower the teenage girls and women you support.  Get in touch, these circles are life-changing.

Gathering with women is thankfully being revived as this is ancient medicine that had been largely lost in our modern society of independent living.  All women leave these holistic healing circles with a sense of warmth, confidence, love and a stronger bond with each other. 

All circles are available seven days/evenings a week.  

For more info I’d love you to call me on 0406 118 233 or if it’s outside business hours you can also CLICK HERE or