Creating Connections at Akiki Wellbeing

Welcome, I’m so glad you’ve found me.

Finally at the awesome age of 50 I’ve discovered my niche.  I help women embody being a woman by holding heart-centred circles which help them connect to their sacred feminine, strengthen inner resolve and find new motivation, improving overall health and wellbeing.

These are wonderfully nurturing gatherings in a world where it sometimes feels hard to be a woman, hard to be anything other than mum, wife, slave to the system.  They are of particular benefit to any woman who for whatever reason, has been disconnected from her feminine, who perhaps has very little feminine support.

They are extremely powerful workshops for women who still bleed and often times more so for those who don’t.

I also hold workshops for Mothers to gift and share with their Maidens (10yrs+) to empower them to move confidently through their Menarche rite of passage into womanhood with ease, grace and celebration.

All women leave these holistically healing circles with an energised sense of warmth, confidence, love and perhaps even a new friend.  For more information click HERE


I also specialise in remote Crystal Gridding using gemstones to realign and freshen up the energies in your space and a range of one-on-one Consultations.


If you’re struggling with life for any reason or you’re simply feeling stuck or bored

I would be honoured to support your journey.