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What is a women’s circle with Akiki?

Think of them as time with girlfriends sitting around a central display where you place your little candle and spend time strengthening connections within yourself and to each other.  

I make your gathering very special, guiding you every step of the way to create a fabulous few hours for your Tribe in the comfort of your home.  This is time for you to be honoured without judgement, surrounded by those who value your company.

We laugh, we listen and we give each other opportunity to speak and be honoured and valued for who we truly be.

Circles are a way to relax and recalibrate, to have fun and possibly gain a deeper understanding of you, to reclaim your innate wisdom, your powers of perception and intuition.  

Step out of your comfort zone a little and try something new.  Gift yourself time to embrace being a woman in today’s crazy, busy world.   

When women come together magic is created.

Welcome goddess

I’m Tina

and I specialise in helping women have higher Self-awareness and a better understanding on how to work with the cycles of their life with my heart-centred gatherings that connect them to their Inner Goddess, improving holistic health and wellbeing.

My journey has been interesting and varied then finally at the awesome age of 50 I discovered this valuable, often life-changing work to be my true niche and passion (and yes I have crept a bit past there now!).

My Circles

I bring my circles to you, to the comfort and security of your home or other venue of your choice so that you can be surrounded by your very own loving, supportive tribe of girlfriends.  This need to bond is within us all by design and something that is often missing.  Spending me time with girlfriends is super important as it’s medicine for the soul which actually helps us be more efficient and better able to support our loved ones.

I create you a nurturing container of happiness, a safe space within your space where you can let your hair down, step off the busy wheel, regain some sanity and just be YOU for a few hours of fun and enjoyment.


–  feel less stressed and more relaxed

–  reduce anxieties and depression

–  gain confidence and Self esteem

–  boost your health and wellbeing

–  create stronger friendships

–  and feel more connected to your body, your inner wild woman and to life.

Perhaps you’re a busy working woman scared you’re heading for burn out?  Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that Self nurturing through sisterhood actually creates greater efficiency, improved wellbeing and has a positive ripple effect out to those around you?

Or do you have a unique special event to organise such as milestone birthday celebration, an unconventional Hen Party or an alternative baby shower or are you simply looking for a reason to gather with your circle of friends?  


Wisdom Circle


The activity in Wisdom Circles can be tailored to your occasion creating a great ladies day / night out or an inexpensive party idea to make someone’s birthday special. 

They are also a brilliant team building opportunity.

Tea Leaf Reading Circle


Ladies, have fun and laughter with your friends as you help each other find images in your tea leaves and go home with your own reading.  This makes a fantastic alternative Hen’s celebration.

During the warmer months, especially around full moon, it is lovely to hold a circle outside under the stars.

This photo was an amazing night as an electrical storm came and lit up the sky and added to the experience of this Summer Solstice circle.  It was an unforgetable night we were so blessed to share.

What DO I Do?

Almost Everything

You choose the circle you would like, invite your girlfriends, provide the space indoors or outdoors; a cuppa or why not even some bubbles and perhaps a few nibblies and I will do the rest.

For detailed information on holding one of my gatherings and the choices of circle available to you, please visit my Women’s Circles page or don’t hesitate to contact me if you prefer the personal touch.


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